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Agitated Thin film dryer

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Agitated Thin film dryer

ChemSepT offers Best Quality Agitated Thin Film Dryer with desired Ceritifications and is a leading Manufacturer of Agitated Thin Film Dryer

Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) for evaporation of water/solvents to make concentrated liquid to dry powder Based on application either recovered solvent or dry product is important. Agitated Thin Film Dryer design is the ideal apparatus for continuous processing of concentrated material for drying. Agitated Thin Film Dryer is consist of cylindrical, vertical body with heating jacket and a rotor inside of the shell which is equipped with rows of pendulum blades all over the length of the dryer. The hinged blades (Scrappers) spread the wet feed product in a thin film over the heated surface. A highly agitated bow wave is formed in front of the rotor blades.

Certification : CE,PED,Dosh,ATEX,SASO

The vapors produced rise upwards, counter-current to the liquid and pass through a Cyclone Separator mounted at the vapor outlet of Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD). Further these vapors will be condensed in a condenser and recovered as condensate.The system will be operated under vacuum for temperature sensitive products and atmospheric conditions for normal drying.

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Area(M2) Diameter (MM) Total Height (MM)
3 400 3800
5 500 4750
10 710 6300
15 900 7700
20 1000 8300
25 1150 9100
30 1250 9700
40 1550 10750
50 1700 11550