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Agitators & Impellers

Agitators & Impellers
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Agitators & Impellers

ChemSepT offers Best Quality Agitators & Impellers with desired Ceritifications and is a leading Manufacturer of Agitators & Impellers with widest range of Mixing Solutions Available

MOC : CS, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L,Fiber Glass (FRP), Teflon (PTFE),Monel, Nickel, Hastelloy,HALAR, PFA Coating

Certification : CE,PED,Dosh,ATEX,SASO

ChemSepT™ offers many types of mixers. Some mixers are designed specifically for one special application, while others are more versatile with many options such as variable speed, changeable impellers and shafts, plus a wide range of motor horsepower.

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ChemSepT™ offers variety of impellers for different process & mixing applications. Our Impeller technology covers- high viscosity liquids, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, solidliquid applications.